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1) Description

Sikadur®-52 is two part, solvent-free, low viscosity injection-liquid, based on high strength epoxy resin.

2) Uses
As an injection resin with good adhesion to dry concrete, mortar, stone, steel and wood.Sikadur®-52 is used to fill and seal voids and cracks in structures such as bridges and other civil engineering buildings, industrial and residential buildings, e.g. columns, beams, foundations, walls, floors and water retaining structures.

3) Advantages

Suitable for both, dry and damp conditions
Usable at low temperatures
Shrinkage free hardening
High mechanical and adhesive strengths
Hard but not brittle
Low viscosity
Injectable with single component pumps

4) Packaging

0.9 kg (A+B) Pre-batched unit.
Part A: 0.8 kg plastic container
Part B: 0.1 kg plastic container

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