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Sika Plastocrete :  Integral liquid waterproofing cum water reducing admixture.
Sikacim C:  Integral liquid waterproofing component.
Sika Noleek:  Waterproofing concrete and Mortar admixture
Sika Hibond:  2 component Epoxy based reactive jointing agent
Sika Latex Power:  Water Resistant bonding Agent
Sika Raintite I:  Acrylic polymer dispersion for waterproofing /
concrete / mortar
Sika Top Seal 107:  Flexible protective and waterproofing slurry
Sika Rustop:  Anti-corrosive coating for steel and concrete
Sikaflex Construction:  Single component sealant for construction joints
Sika Hydroplug:  Ready to use mortar for plugging water leakage instantly
Sikagard:  Silane-Silaxone based water repellent impregnation
Sika Damprof:  Injectable Organic Compound for sealing capillary pores
Sika Tilofix / Sika Tilofix F:  Ready to use tile Adhesive
Sika TiloGrout:  Gap filling material between tiles
Sika Rustoff 100:  Rust remover and passivator
Sika Cracksil:  Ready to use off while powder mortar for crack sealing.