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1) Description
Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K is a two component cementitious & acrylic flexible waterproofing & protective coating composed of best quality portaland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. It is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and similar structures. specially formulated for swimming pools, retaining walls, pile Heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, bridge decks, marbles, granites and a wide variety of extreme service class structures because on curing it forms an excellent flexible, waterproof & protective layer over the substrate.

2) Areas of Application
Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K can be applied to new or old concrete structures that are structurally sound and strong,

Basement retaining walls.
Pile Heads.
Structural surfaces of cellars.
Concrete roof slabs, floors, balcony floor slabs.
Water tanks and swimming pools.
Bridge decks.
Canals and dam walls.
Sructural surfaces of decks.
Suitable for steam room waterproofing.
Sewage treatment plants.
For special applications such as areas where more thick plaster application is needed.

3) Features & Benefits

Flexibility - Provides a flexible coating.
Water permeability - Excellent resistance to ingress of water.
Slip resistant - Provides slip resistant coating.
Waterproof - Waterproof for concrete structures.
Adhesion - Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.
Diffusion - Excellent resistance to chlorideion and carbon dioxide diffusion
Low temperature resistant - Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.


Binding Coverage
Apply slurry coat of mixed material for two coats at a coverage rate of 1.5 kg/m}}2 over the set concrete slab by a masonry brush or appropriate power spray equipment.
Concrete slabs or roof slabs
Two coat of mixed slurry to be applied to the set concrete @ 1.5 - 2kg/m}}2 by a masonry brush, roller or appropriate power spray equipment.
Pile Heads
Two coats of mixed slurry to be applied on to the pile head @ 0.75kg/m2 first coat and 1.25 to 1.5 kg/m2.}}
second coat either by a masonry brush or by appropriate power spray equipment.
Water tanks and Swimming pools
Two coat of Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2k applied @ 1.5 kg/m}}2 each coat by a masonry brush or an appropriate power spray equipment.

All applications where two coats is specified, the second coat shall be applied when the first coat is completely dried.

The treated area should be protected from direct sunlight and to be damp cured by covering with damp hessian or similar system.
Marbles / Stones
It is recommended to apply one coat at the bottom side of the marble @ 1.5 mm thick at a coverage of }}approximately 1.8 to 2 kg/m2.

5) Features & Benefits
Approximately 1.5 -2 kg/m2 @ 1mm thickness for 2 coats

6) Packaging
3, 15 Kg’s

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