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   Sika Multiseal
1) Sika Multiseal


Sika Multiseal is a multipurpose self adhesive bituminous sealing tape for waterproofing and repair.


2) Application Area

Sealing and repairing against water ingress and draughts in:-

Roofs including sheet metal work, asbestos sheet, tarfiet building cracks, etc.
Sealing pipe joints and perimeter sealing.

3) Features

Painted aluminium foil with silicon release film, matt grey finish.
Good adhesion on various kinds of substrates.
Weather and waterproof.
Self adhesive.
UV resistant.
Bitumen resistant.
Can be over painted.
Can be applied at low and high temperatures.
Not intended to withstand foot or vehicular traffic.

3) Dosage

1 rool of 10m X 5cm covers; 1 roll of 10mX10m covers 1.0 

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