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  Sikament FF (T/D)
1) Sikament

Sikament FF is a highly effective water-reducing compound and superplasticizer for promoting accelerated hardening and free flowing concrete. Complies with ASTM C 494-81 Type F and IS 9103-1999..


2) Application Area

Sikament® FF as a superplasticizer to produce flowing concrete in:-
Floor Slabs
Slender components with dense reinforcement
Walls and columns
Beams and ceilings
Sikament® FF as a water-reducer for the manufacture of:-
Pre-cast concrete elements
Bridges and cantilever structures
Pre-stressed concrete structures

3) Features

Sikament® FF provides the following beneficial properties:- As a superplasticizer:-
Substantial improvement in workability without increased water or the risk of segregation.
Normal set without retardation, even when overdosed.
Improved density and surface finish.
Chloride free - does not attack reinforcement or prestress cables. As a Water Reducer:-
Upto 25% water reduction
40% increase in 28 days strengths.
High strengths after 8 hours.
Increased frost-resistance.
Increased water-tightness.
Early demoulding/deshuttering.

3) Dosage

Recomended dosage for Sikament FF:- 
0.6 - 3.0% by weight of cement. Exact dosage rates are dependent on the type of effect sought, quality and quantity of cement, sand grading, W/C ratio and ambient temperature. Actual dosage to be finalised on the basis of site trials.

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