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  Sika WP Shieldard
1) Sika WP Shield

Sika WP Shield APP modified Bituminous Polyester reinforced waterproofing membrane manufactured from a rich mixture of bitumen and selected polymers blended together to obtain excellent heat resistant , flexibility , UV resistance . Modified bitumen then coated onto a dimensionally stable carrier to obtain excellent tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance.

2) Application Area - Ideal for waterproofing of:-

Medium to large roof slabs
Basement and raft slabs
Swimming Pools
Roof Gardens
Underground Car parking

3) Features

Atatic Polypropylene based bituminuous Polyester reinforced membrane system.
Requires bitumunous primer before laying of membrane.
Easy to fix and lay with gas torch.
Overlaps to be provided of min. 100mm
Excellent water tightenness and acts as a vapour barrier.
High Tensil strength, tear and puncture resistent.
Capable of withstanding thermal and structural stresses.
Various finishes are P-Plain, PS- Plain Sand and PM- Plain Mineral.
Screed required with Sikacim/ Sika Plastocrete Super to protect membrane.

3) Coverage

Primer 250-300gm/m2 depending on substrate.
Membrane - 10sql per roll.

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