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1) Sikacim

Sikacim is a highly effective liquid Integral Waterproofing Admixture for all types of concrete viz., roof casting, beam, culvert, tunnel, sewerage works, virtually wherever watertight concrete is required. Sikacim is marked with IS.




2) Application

Dry mix cement, aggregate and sand.
Add 50% of required water and mix the mass to make it moist.
Add Sikacim to remaining water and thoroughly mix it and use the same to already moist concrete - continue the mixing for approx. 3 minutes to achieve homogeneous mix.
Normal curing is recommended.

3) Features

Compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement.
Required at a very small dosage hence convenient to handle.
Improves water tightness to a great extent.
Acts to disrupt the leakage causing capillary structures formed in concrete to cause leakages.
Rebound loss is minimum.
No added chloride.
Supplied in consumer friendly packs.

3) Dosage

Recomended dosage for Sikacim:- 
200gms for 2 bags of cement of 50kgs each (Lignosulphonate based dark brown liquid).


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