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   Sika Raintite I
1) Sika Raintite I

Sika Raintite I is an acrylic based polymer for waterproofing and repair



2) Application Area

Waterproofing of roof slabs, sunken slabs, basements, water tanks, sun shades etc. in combination with cement.
As a bonding agent for uses in repairs and plastering.
For making polymer mortars, repair mortars etc.
Treatment for leaching and salt petre action.
Multipurpose mortars for admixtures for injection grouts.
Additive to cement based paints for waterproofing.

3) Features

Ensures low water cement ratio.
Improved impermeabilty against water impress.
Extremely good bonding to moist substrates, extremely improved mechanical, flexural strength and abrasion resistant properties.
UV resistant and suitable outdoor coating.
When used as an adhesive to cement based paint, improves impermeability, water repellency, and anti fungal property of the painted surface.
Screed required with Sikacim®/Sika® Plastocrete Super to protect waterproofing layer.
Sika®Raintite I can bediluted with water (1: Nil to 1: 4) depending on the application.

3) Dosage

Approximately 10-20%(undiluted/diluted polymer) by weight of cement depending on nature of application.

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