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  Sika Noleek
1) Sika Noleek

Noleek Power is ready to use admixture in powder form for concrete and mortar and acts as efficient Water-proofing Compound. Noleek. Power is marked with IS : 2645.

2) Application

Mix Noleek Power while dry mixing cement, sand and aggregate.
Add water gradually to get required consistency durinig mixing.
Recommended water for concrete and mortar is 25 Ltr. and 30 Ltr. respectively per 50 Kg. bag of cement.

3) Features

Compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement.
Easy to use.
Effective pore filler and fills capillaries and pores to prevent water seepage.
Easy compaction resulting denser concrete.
Reduced shrinkage, better finish.
No added chloride.
Supplied in consumer friendly packs.

3) Dosage

Recomended dosage for Sika Noleek:- 
1kg per 50kg bag of cement.

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