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   Sikagard 703 W 2C
1) Sikagard 703 W 2C

Sikagard 703 W 2C is a Silane-Siloxane based water repellent coating.



2) Application Area

Imparts water repellency cementitious and stone cladded substrates.„
Impregnation for concrete, mortar, brick, stone and masonary surfaces.

3) Features

For exterior application.
Two coats to be applied wet on wet conditions
Transparent surface treatment.
Impregnates into the open poresof the substrate to stop water absorption.
Reduces the growth od algae and fungii.
Lotus leaf effect.
Prolongs life of paint.

3) Dosage

1 Pack of 1kg 70gms covers approximately 190-220sq ft for 2 coats depending on the nature and porosity of the substrate and method of application. 

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