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   Sikaflex Construction(J)
1) Sikaflex Construction(J)


Sikaflex®-Construction is permanently elastic one component joint sealing compound on polyurethane based.


2) Application Area

For movement joints in:-

Facades, roofs and floors
Balcony parapets
Bridge cantilevers
Retaining walls

For caulking of:-:-

Window sashes and doors
Wall/floor joints
Shutter housings
General purpose

3) Features

One component, ready for use
Good adhesion to many substrates
Good weathering - and aging properties
Excellent workability, easy to use
Can be over painted.

3) Dosage

Sikaflex Construction (J) - A groove size of 10mm (W) X 8mm (D) requ ires 112gms sealent/rm.
Sika Primer 3N - 15-20ml/rm depending on the substrate.

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