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1) Description

MYK Seal PS is a two pack Polysulphide based joint sealant basically sealing movement joints in concrete and pavements. When the two packs are mixed it forms a tough, flexible durable rubber like material with strong adhesive property on most building substrates and joints.

2) Advantages

UV Resistant
Good Weatherability
Flame and fuel resistant
Excellent Flexibility and movement tolerance
Good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons
Bonds strongly to most of the building materials with the use of recommended primers.
Sealing of expansion, contraction & construction joints in building structure such as Basements, subways, retaining walls, floors, external walls and claddings of high-rise buildings, roof terraces & ceilings especially structural expansion joint running through the ceiling. 
Sealing of dynamic structural cracks Sealing of water retaining structure joints such as Water tank, reservoir, dams, aquaducts, canals, culverts and water treatment plant. 
Sealing of joints in traffic areas such as Bridges, roads and car parking areas 

3) Applications
The joint surface must be clean dry & MYK Seal PS can be poured directly from the mixing container. Pour into the joint to the required level. It may be necessary after few minutes to top up the level of sealant after it has flowed into all joint irregularities. Finally strip of the masking tape that has been used

4) Packaging

MYK Seal PS (G) Gun Grade Supply: 4kgs 
MYK Seal PS (P) Pour Grade Supply: 6kgs 
MYK Seal PS Primer Supply: 250ml 

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