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1) Description

MYK Grout M-50 is recommended for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static load. It is basically a free flow nonshrink high strength expansive, grout. The nonshrink grout function is three folds, to fill the voids between the base plate and the concrete foundations completely and permanently without shrinkage or separating from either, and to maintain precise alignment. It effectively transfers all operational loads to the foundation.

2) Advantages

Develops very high early and final strengths
Non-shrink: basically a non-shrink material occupies the filled space without shrinkage
Prepacked, factory blended
Non-metallic Free flow: it has excellent flow characteristics and has positive expansion during setting and ensures high level contact with bond area
Chloride free: it is basically a chloride free material and does not affect the steel or foundation bolts

3) Application
Pre soak the concrete surface with lots of clean water before the application is carried. All the surplus water is removed before the grouting application is carried out.
The substrate must be free from contaminations, all loose particles must be removed. The steel and concrete surfaces must be etched mechanically to enhance the bonding properties

4) Packaging

Grout M50 is supplied in 25 Kgs HDPE bags

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