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1) Description

MYK Coat PUD water based polyurethane resin dispersion specially formulated to provide a durable coating suitable for application to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It cures to form a smooth hygienic matt film with good resistance to a wide range of mineral and organic acids, fats, alkalis and oils.

2) Advantages

Excellent adhesion and compatible with all substrates. Can be applied directly on to concrete wall and floor surface. It is hygienic and aesthetic forms a smooth, matt and easy to clean surface on curing.

3) Areas of applications

Precast concrete slabs/ Panels
Concrete and cement based screed / Plasters
Cement based Plasters
Balconies and terraces
Operation theaters and hygiene rooms
Industrial areas, Walls
Showrooms, sales rooms and passage ways
Outdoor exterior coatings ( resistance to UV and weathering)
Colored Chips

4) Packaging

MYK Coat PUD: Available in 6 kg packing ( Base + Hardener )

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