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1) Description

It is a unique one-component penetrating waterproofing system It is absed on cmentitious materials, contains chemicals which penetrate into the concrete surface making the concrete itself part of the waterproofing. The waterproffing proerties stay intact, even if the coating is partially removed or small cracks develope after the application.

2) Advantages

Environmentally friendly.
Easy to use - needs only water for mixing.
Protects concrete against fresh water, salt water, waste water & aggressive ground water.
Brush, dry-sprinkle or spray applied.
Resists strong hydrostatic pressure.
Concrete remains waterproof even if coating is damaged.
Applied to positive (active) or negative (passive) water pressure side.
Cost effective.

3) Application

It may be used on all new or old structurally sound conrete surfaces.
It is also suitable for concrete masonary or as a dry shake on fresh concrete slabs.
Below grade waterproofing, Manholes, Elevator pits, Tunnels, Waste water treatment plants, Potable water tanks

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