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1) Applications

LATAPOXY 310 Epoxy Chemical Anchor

LATAPOXY 310 Epoxy adhesive is a two component,non-sag high epoxy chemical anchor ideally suited for spat fixing or attaching marble or stone slabs on walls and for installing marble tiles or heavy tile ceiling.LATAPOXY 310 is ideal foer external fascades.

2) Advantages

LATAPOXY 310 Epoxy Chemical Anchor

Ideal for stone installation on extrnal fascade
Ideal for use dry or damp surface.
Fils crack and gaps in stone,concrete and ceramic tile.
can be used for fabricating marble and stone assemble.
No clamps/machanical anchor needed.

3) Packaging

LATAPOXY 310 Epoxy Chemical Anchor

packaging:Available in standerd and rapid versions 310 Standerd-5kgs & 10kgs. 310 Rapid -5kgs & 10 kgs.
Color:Off white when mixed.May be coluord with dry pigments. 

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