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1) Applications

Immediately pour entire contents of pail onto a flat surface (Do Not Leave in Pail). Spread with a sharp, firm rubber grout float. Work the grout paste into the joints until completely filled. Use diagonal strokes to pack the joints. Insure that joint is filled and grout is not just sitting on top (i.e. “bridging the joint”).

2) Advantages

High chemical resistance
Improved temperature resistance
Highly resistant to bacteria attack
Maximum physical strength
Water cleanable
Fast curing
Cures at low temperature
Meets USDA & USFDA requirements
Exceeds ANSI 118.3 (Epoxy) and ANSI 118.5 (Furan) performance requirements

3) Usage
Use in corrosive environments such as:

Industrial : bakeries, dairies, cheese factories, breweries, CIP rooms, meat packing plants, soft drink plants, confectioneries, canneries, distilleries, pharmaceutical factories.
commercial : institutional kitchens, fast food restaurants, cafeterias, laboratories, supermarkets.

4) Packaging

Pail #2 size : Unit Net Weight: 24.2 lbs. (10.9 kg), Unit Volume: 1.8 gals. (6.8 liters)
Carton #4 Size : Unit Weight: 50.4 lbs. (22.8kg), Unit Volume: 3.6 gals. (13.6 liters),
Note: #2 and #4 units also available in separate components, liquids only and Part C Filler Powder
Colors: Standard Colors - grey and black Custom colors available on request.


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