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DURArods (formerly SILSEAL)
‘DURArods’ is a closed cell polymer based product with a circular profile. It ensures stronger bonding of sealant with masonry,aluminium or other substrates & helps to maintain desired thickness of sealant at the joints center.It does not bond with cold applied sealants.It is used as a back-up to sealants in expansion joints and structural glazing systems.

1) Feature & Benefits

Closed cell, hence negligible water/moisture absorption
Excellent chemical resistance-inert to most acids and alkalis
Cost effective space filer
Allows unrestrained expansion & contraction of sealants. Eliminates bubbling of sealant.
Non-staining-Reduces sealant consumption.

2) Technical Specifications

Sr. Property Units DURArods typical values Test method
1 Water absorption Gm/Cm3 0.014 max ASTM-1016-1994a
2 Density Kg/Mtr3 22 min ASTM-D3575-1993
3 Compression strength at 25% deflection Kg/Cm3 0.45 min. ASTM-5249-1992
4 Compression Recovery % 80min ASTM-5249-1992


Pre-cost panel joints
Coping joints
Contraction joints
Expansion joints
Back up to sealant in structural glazing systems
Glazing joints isolation joints
Dynamic joints in masonry etc.
Window and door frame per meters.
Control joints.

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