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1) Overview

Approved for:
Cracked and non-cracked concrete C 20/25 to C 50/60

Suitable for:
Concrete C 12/15
Natural stone with dense structure.

For fixing of:

Steel constructions
Hand rails
Cable trays
Wooden Constructions
Window Element

2) Description

Anchor bolt for push-through and pre-positioned installation.
When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the expansion clip and expands it against the hole wall.
A4 stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised version for outdoor use and in damp conditions.
For wooden structures use the FBN II GS with large washer as per DIN 440.

3) Advantages

Long thread allows stand-off installations and variable usable lengths.
FBN II 8 K to FBN II 20 K mm diameter also for reduced anchorage depths, e.g. for small loads or if reinforcements are hit.
Embossed letter on the head for subsequent control of the installation as it indicates the setting depth.
Hook anchor FBN 8 H for simple installation of meshed reinforcements, wire gratings, etc.

4) Technical Data

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